Patrol Agreed for Old Shoreham Road A283

Hundreds of schoolchildren will benefit from a safer journey to school as a new crossing patrol has been agreed for a dangerous part of Old Shoreham Road.

Many pupils at Swiss Gardens Primary School cross the road by the junction with Freehold Street and a lollipop person will now be hired to ensure they do so safely.

County councillor Debbie Kennard said the crossing patrol was much needed.

“I was watching them crossing and it’s terrible in the morning,” she said. “I would have done it myself if I wasn’t a county councillor.”

The crossing has been assessed and passed by the council and the job will be advertised as soon as signs are in place.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said the crossing site had been made possible thanks to the efforts of the school and the local community.

Swiss Gardens head teacher Lawrence Caughlin said:

“We would be delighted with any measure that would support our children to ensure their safer route to school in the morning and we are delighted the council has agreed to a crossing patrol at a point where it is much needed.”

Parent and road-safety campaigner Andrew Holmes said:

“This is great news for local road safety, especially with autumn’s low light levels fast approaching.”

Mr Holmes said residents had been campaigning for safety improvements along the stretch of ‘forgotten’ road for more than 15 years.
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Patrol agreed for ‘terrible’ crossing point
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