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Main points

  • This is not a new issue and various attempts have been made to improve safety before but have been problematic due to the bends in the road/blind spots, proximity to roundabout, funding etc. However the problem has got worse with more people using the road to travel to school, use the riverside walk/cycle path; use the renovated Old Toll Bridge, more residents with the Ropetackle developments and more HGVs in particular coming into Shoreham.
  • Whilst safety is the prime concern the actual accident rate as given by the police over the last 10 years is relatively low. This only includes reported accidents and there have been a lot of scrapes which go unreported and are therefore unknown to the authorities. This means that it will not be such a  high priority for the County Council compared with other ‘black spots’ across the County and why alternative sources of funding from e.g. Section 106 development money will help bump it up the action list.
  • Planning permission was granted last year for Ropetackle North which specifically included Section 106 funding of around £100,000 to include a pedestrian crossing at some point, yet there appears no urgency for this development to go ahead and the permission is in place for 5 years before expiring. Otherwise the Morrisons development which is going ahead includes Section 106 money to be agreed and which could be applied to road improvements in OSR at the discretion of Adur Council as the planning authority.
  • There are 2 ‘hot spots’ – a solution is needed near the junction with Freehold Street especially for schoolchildren, older and disabled residents for safety reasons. A second solution is needed nearer the Amsterdam roundabout given the problems for walkers/dog walkers/bus users/cyclists to access the riverside. The second solution could include including traffic lights with a pedestrian facility as suggested by Councillor Parkin.
  • A survey of speeds on the OSR showed an average of around 27mph but a lot above the 30mph limit and it was thought that speeding is a problem especially from lorries with restricted visibility.
  • The signage could be better on the A283
  • The congestion around the school at drop-off/pick-up time is still bad though this is a problem with most similar schools in residential areas. Safer routes to school wold encourage more children to walk and therefore cause less traffic congestion. The school is engaged with the County Council on its latest ‘safer routes to school’ planning.

Action points

  • We will set up a small working group to include Tamsin and Lynn and any other willing residents together with councillors, police and Tim.
  • We will organise a ‘roundtable’ between this group and the highways officers at County Hall to explore what is possible and what is just not feasible. Everything from actual crossings and lights to better warning signage
  • We will try to get more detailed information on the accident history and speed surveys and see of we can commission more work if necessary.
  • We will put the issue on the agenda at the next CLC meeting which includes all 6 Adur County Councillors and which can make recommendations to County Hall and where the public can attend and raise questions. The next meeting is at: Date: 7.00pm, Thursday 26 June 2014 Venue: St Peter’s RC Primary School, Sullington Way, Shoreham – by- Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6PJ
  • Tim will speak to Shoreham Harbour and businesses on the Dolphin Road estate to see what can be done about rerouting HGVs away from Shoreham High Street and the A283 and investigating a lorry management plan.
  • As a short term measure at least Councillor Kennard has arranged for rumble strips to be installed on the road shortly.
  • When we have more information we will probably distribute a more detailed survey questionnaire to local residents to see if there is any clear consensus about the way forward

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Public Meeting notes and action points from MP Tim Loughton
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